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                                                                       Diversified Electronic Applications LLP 
                                            is a multi line distributor of quality landmobile, aviation and marine radio accessories
                                               serving the First Responders, Federal, Municipal, Military and Corporate communities Worldwide
                                                      85% of our customers have been with us since 1995 - the rest are new                                                                                                                            

  Over the many years DEA has meet some very special people that do very special work:
Please have a look and we think you will agree.
These are non-paid advertisements and really good friends that deserve a look.
  Standing for those who stood for us: The Ute Mountain Color Guard
            " The First Americans, Standing for All Americans"
  OPEN.... Saving Horses with Humanity
This is a great Non Profit helping save horses and so much more
  Standing for those who stood for us: The Patriot Guard Riders
               The People behind the scene who you hope to never meet:
     The Volunteers of North Carolinas NC400 Disaster Response Team
Always ready at a moments notice to respond anywhere, anytime. worldwide
  Protecting the Rights of the Veterans who fought, died to keep our
  Country FREE and The Home of the Brave...we salute you all
  Spring Creek Horse Rescue, Bayfield Colorado
Saving Horses that can not Save Themselves
   The Cajun Navy

                          Please note that the majority of our clients have pre-arranged pricing agreements, so the actual pricing on this site may not reflect yours.
                                                                   Contact us if you should require an updated price sheet or quotation.

                                                         Ordering is simple- Call, Fax, Email, Carrier pigeon, Smoke signals are all accepted

                                                               85% of our customers have been with us since 1995 - the rest are new 

                                                                                                     Diversified Electronic Applications LLP since 1995
                                                                                         Our Phone Lines are open Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5 central time, excluding holidays
                                                                                                                                 Phone 228 388 6299 Fax 228 388 8395
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                                                                               " We not only want your business, we intend on keeping it for a very long time"

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